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Involve Northwest add support to helping homeless

The success of the Rucksack Challenge initiative is still attracting donations from the good spirited people of Wirral.

The Rucksack Challenge objective was to accept donations of food, clothing and other essential items in supporting the homeless, was held at The Lauries in late November 2016. Since then a number of other donations have still been dropped into The Lauries, the latest being collected by Involve Northwest, a charity organisation based in the building.

Involve Northwest is a non-profit organisation offering a wide range of services to help improve quality of life of local individuals and families.

Matt Jones, Involve Northwest Job Coach, Employer Engagement and Digital Media Officer, visited YMCA Wirral with the Wirral Chamber of Commerce to deliver two large collections of clothes which were given to Jackie Booth, Deputy Chief Executive, YMCA Wirral.

Matt Jones said, “It’s great to be involved with Wirral Chamber of Commerce and The Lauries, and working closely with local organisations, such as YMCA Wirral. We’re extremely community-focused and this is grounded in our core belief that all of the services we offer remain free of charge, and is motivated for public benefit, rather than profit.

He added, “Since participating in the very successful Rucksack Challenge, in support of the homeless community across Wirral, donations have continued to flood in from staff at Involve Northwest. We’re very proud to be able to contribute to the great work of YMCA, and continue to support local people in need.”

As a charity, Involve Northwest was originally established over twenty years ago as the Tranmere Alliance, and has always revolved around supporting local people by involving communities and inspiring change. Having originated as a small group of community-minded individuals, encouraging local people to address and solve the issues affecting them, Involve Northwest has now grown into a modest-sized organisation with community remaining close to its heart.

With services such as employment support, welfare and benefits advice and domestic abuse support, Involve Northwest’s key objective is to continue to empower and enable local people through access to clear, concise information and guidance through a high-quality service.

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